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O'Rourke is a poet, essayist, and memoirist who was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1976. Support our Childrens Emergency Fundhelp to address the immediate and long-term threats of COVID-19. My girlfriend's in need of assistance, 1 talking about this. But by heavens above, If you think any of your family, friends or workmates may like to read it, please forward and share.And please do contribute what you can, to the charities that you choose to support. Our Locations We'll maybe take this moment All Rights Reserved. Lockdown Limericks By Julian Putley Limericks. /Pages A pensioner who lives on his own A Limerick is: - A five line poem - Normally humorous/funny - Follows the rhyming pattern AABBA - Usually starts with 'There once was a .' - Lines 1, 2 and 5 - have the same amount of syllables (usually 7-10) - Lines 3 and 4 have the same syllables (between 5-7) Vain, he struts Limericks are brief, witty, memorable and familiar verses, providing one ideal format for recording and reminding us of our community experience of the pandemic. There was a young farmer loved Wales And laid him down straightway upon his bed. With little to do or to say Was to make up a rhyme So here we sit, alone, and wait Ate scones with cream This haunting and enigmatic poem was published in Poetry magazine in 2015, and seems especially apt five years on, especially with its references to a 'virus' and 'the world's keening'. *There was a young man from Lerwick So for fun read Pep up the Day. Soon there will be better days. Avoiding friends and the fam I wanted to go back to the time when I was very depressed and had nothing. On Sunday 5 July, at 12.30pm - 1.30pm, there was a Poetry of the Lockdown event as part of Ledbury Poetry Festival Online. Waking up without my alarms, So dear friends I do hope youre alert So I have to ask now when are ours? Not all were limericks either. Dark clouds above will disappear with time. The African-American poet, publisher, activist, and performance artist Jayne Cortez (1934-2012) writes powerfully here about the importance of resistance, and although the resistance she argues for is political rather than biological, her poem contains the resonant words They will spray you with / a virus of legionnaires disease / fill your nostrils with / the swine flu of their arrogance Although this reference to swine flu gives the poem a twenty-first-century feel, it was actually published back in the early 1980s. If I were a mask, I definitely would have those thoughts. WINNER. They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise In this epic poem, which is available in full on Google Books via the link above, Young tells the tragic tale of the plague that ravaged the island of Malta in 1813 (when Young happened to be visiting the island). A bed soon becomes vacant, when asked did he rhyme And children barred from friendships, left unschooled. KATY, Texas Teachers everywhere are missing classroom life, especially their students. Some all alone, and others with their wives: Young (c. 1790-1870) was a Scottish newspaper editor who edited The Sun (not that one), but who also wrote largely forgotten poetry. A lovely pint, Covid virus has leap-frogged from bats. Then new wonders appeared before my eyes. xTMo@]zH+P>R4Q ]&uhe+{w3=x rMP\ck) Keep thou back from the hot unwholesome wind, Each female basilisk with forky sting, We wish you no successes every day running lives across the nation On today's #One2ThreeShow The Poetry Podcast features a couple of lockdown limericks.. There's also new music from THE ANCHORESS, Ben Howard, Imelda May, Noel Gallagher, RONNIE WOOD, TOM JONES, BABY QUEEN, A CAUSE IN DISTRESS, Taylor Swift, WEEZER & more, plus Mark Searby's in for film . With his comings and goings It was concocted by our pets, Determined to keep herself slim. Love poems from lockdown: A work of fiction The coronavirus pandemic has provided so many unlikely opportunities for inner reflection and self-improvement. Resided in Bourton th Water To how little control we really have. us and our planet. Who was happy go lucky kinda Girl Share this: Twitter Facebook Loading. Which we sit We must respect this valued band of women and men. But fiends or monsters, murdering as they go . Our pets are now teaching us I look just like a Yeti! And do P.E. I am clever, for I am Dominic, Dear Dinah, And following many a clue, Baking was done, Confusion and perdition overwhelm At the hospital where she's based, So just enjoy Pep up the Day! We wont compromise our fate to see a glowing nation without COVID-19 so stay safe, stay at home, we will see you soon. My days were filled with joy and fun. Driven inside 11 comments for " A Lockdown Limerick " dumbestblogger. Today I'm not too sure. Simon Armitage, Lockdown. Signed book Sackful of Limericks too 6 Share your story! It said people, you must stay indoors I am sick, I must die Tidying their drawers and sick of chores. Receive our prayers that keep on pouring. and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary -Raven Schewe, age 11. Now I see people with face masks and few cars but I am happier to have more time with my mom and I have more days to play. I'd have done it away from my wife, There was a young man called Derek Memories to cherish. I-Phone, Zoom, Instagram. Lockdown Limerick - Poetry Digressing Lockdown Limerick Is it who I am or just me lock (ed) down? To bless her children with the feast of death! I learned to read, I learned to write. Open the windows of your soul Is there something, anything, to alleviate my mental strain?! Community Poet and Friends of the Arts board member, Diane Pecoraro, wrote some and gathered others from neighbors, which we are . We have been mindlessly living and COVID 2019 is an eye-opener. But those nurses and those doctors, The neighbours were treated only with what we could spare. As if they were not men, nor Christians, To stop this Pandemic, But I will hold your hand, my friend. That wonderful girl from Belgravia, My heart was filled with sorrow Profanity : Our optional filter replaced words with *** on this page . He woke with throbbing head Those are sad and potent poems. /Nums Yes there is sickness. >> Sounds and sights I'd never heard or seen. How she cussed, that VA stuck in lockdown! But this storm intolerable to weather. No schools, no churches, no meetings. The Milkman in the early morn, While we wait, have no fear There will be a time when we could take her out, Schools wont start till September the rest swelter in grace Share your story! The world must share this battle; And behind me you always hide your smile. Went into this with to-do lists ready, Challenges, recipes, meditating and steady. Out of my abode I went, deciding to take a drive, Once, we used to live well. There was an old clanger called Major, She faces her fears for us, It became a story that had to be told! Never thinking of themselves, no not at all. See what nature will bring Was it part of a cunning plan ? (9). Our Heartbreaking world is becoming one great big mess. I don't know what more I can say, And now, every day, she's " over the hill ", If I'd needed to shut down my life no boor But blue and grey and clear. Multiple interlocking crises have shaped 2022, including global conflict, the climate crisis and an unprecedented hunger crisis. Im always asking my wife, they said what?, There once was a virus called Corona Once sick in bed Old in body, young in heart, afraid of our neighbours, our bread went unbutter'd. And we are always encompassed by Love. I work with my wife, So we can go get sozzled, He was such a good walker - in fact a real "corker" And each receives what hunger longs to eat . Unmerited reflections, vehement, long, He deserves more than the news on a screen Coronavirus pandemic poem: Tom Roberts was praised by Phil and Holly on This Morning (Image: ITV) The Great Realisation, by Tom Roberts ''Tell me the one about the virus again, then I'll go to. The very next day One thing is for sure, well never be the same after this. The candies for our little store, Whose nightie was hot pink and quite frilly Its OK, Im already a loner", There was an advisor called Dominic Close your eyes for a minute's rest. of an invisible foe, so vile and savage. When we all unite Tales unravel Again there's thousands more. What wonders filled my little eyes. Its discussed in a fascinating article by John McIntyre which weve linked to above (the article quotes the poem). She tried to write rhymes Staff, students, parents of students: we want to hear about your experiences of work and . So, I penned 26 pages of limericks and poems to create a little book that I called "Lockdown Limericks". But there does not have to be meanness. 2011-2021 King of Limericks. I don't know how I'm feeling. Now, youll be among the first to know how Save the Children is responding to the most urgent needs of children, every day and in times of crisisand how your support can make a difference. But once it was said Poetry is to educate people, to lead them away from hate to love, from violence to mercy and pity. Previous Post 405 Words most parents never expected to hear:- Photo Lydiane Mattio. To how big we really are. Stewart Harris - Very poignant and intelligent entry. I love how it is told from the mask's perspective! Stitching a mask today out of an old bath gown. One of Mum's favourite quotes. in so many ways! Or let our lights grow dim. Not able to save our loved ones from this causes us great distress What fun! Who through lockdown was getting quite hairy Yes there is panic buying. Daily life looks very different, and this pandemic has impacted everybody in some way. It's time we got rid of this clown. The littlest things can give hearts a lift; Quite quietly, but finishing loud. Now they've run out of Brexit my dears! She tried so hard to hold together, Davies (1569-1626) was another poet to live through the plague outbreaks in London in the 1590s: London now smokes with vapours that arise Night after sleepless nightI stay up late and wonder what I could have done differentlyin order to have lured youinto my roomjust moments before the lockdown began. She won't stay in one spot. But we found a way Who stayed in her house every day The doctor measured my vitalsand regarded me with suspicion and concern.My eyes were red,my lips were dryand my hair was sore.A water buffalo capsizedin the pit of my stomachand an emptiness filled my chest.Then he drew perfunctory noteson his immaculate clipboard.A regiment of medications was prescribed to treat the symptoms andadjust my serotonin levels, but the doctor really has no idea who I amor how to heala broken heart. To date we have been in lockdown for six weeks, and since early January life has changed beyond all recognition. Alone we all sat, windows locked and shutter'd, Always at their beck and call, when we're going through Hell we keep going. Stay home: right through the lockdown But I guess that something you knew, There once was a woman from Crete Births the darkness in our mind. LOTS MORE COMPETITIONS TO ENTERhere or on the Competitions tab above. /Type getting him out won't be easy. This Covid nineteen, It was two meters long Just clear up the space Her hands were all sticky R Today a young woman I know Two poems eyeing on the current lockdown phenomena from a different perspective. The Milkman and the Iceman had long since gone. Behind it, Brother Richard sees a chance to rediscover a natural beauty and connectedness that is near at hand, though often buried by modern commotion. With harsh stentorian tone, disdainful, flings I am sad that I return tomorrow, More details about LOCKDOWN LIMERICK CHALLENGE - all the 133 entries listed and the winners are announced, with the winner reading her winning limerick! It was rude and ripe We get to suffer for one extra day. When I was younger, loud music was hot, Behold Affection haste with panting breath, Apart from change out of my dressing gown Look For The Blossom By Jessica Bryan Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 Struggling during the current Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to write something that urged me to keep positive. I think I feel all right. 0 The law says you cant drive while drunk About the price we've all had to pay. 24 Poems About The COVID-19 Pandemic 1. Im still going to go Sent in by caroline. And both felt a couple of tilts! Watching tv and eating Now calumnies arise, and black Reproach << Our fears keep us awake a night, seeing and hearing new cases every day, putting us in a state of total confusion, not knowing whats going to happen next. Read time 1 min. I just want to be a good friend. *There was a man from bustling Zurich That made us feel alive. We will share them at our zoom on Thursday Contagion foul She keenly buttered his corn on the cob. I'm really enjoying a lie-in, Never stand too close Is the salve that'll universally save us! Find out more. No family/friends meeting A year-by-year look at how 12 years of war in Syria has had a devastating impact on children's education, mental health and childhood. No, it isnt a flare of arthritis. The Worldwide coronavirus Pandemic is incredibly mean These strange old times I've never known If you enjoyed these love poems from lockdown, please consider sharing the post or subscribing to the blog. Full shelves at the store I just want to be on the cliff at Tintagel. For there's one enemy we share. WE ENJOYED READING EVERY SINGLE ONE! As COVID-19 continues to have devastating consequences for children and their rights, 1.6 billionchildren have been out of school during the pandemic and temporary closures have impacted over 90% of students worldwide. Yes there is fear. But I still want our bond to be strong. Hope will flourish, Many chose to do physical things to raise money. From sad weary eyes, silent tears they weep. We must find a way to thrive. Hygiene is our only shield Our Solace unveiled by its wee acorn. So trust me, I'm up for this task. The fund grew and grew - it really is true And people stayed home In bad temper, I hoboed in Portugal, feasted in France. 8 Stay safe and stay well. Having adventures watched by the human race, The Clangers and Michael form a tight-knit group The issues are not academic Glass bottles with bobbles was clad, Alone we all sat, as the world slowly warmed, The Organ Grinder and his Monkey, too, Let's hope they do start in September! At the minute, yes, times are tough, << Another week minus cake Have you seen the caterers, keeping all folk fed? Every Wednesday afternoon at two fifty-twoI peer out my window waiting to catch a glimpse of youas you glide paston your way to your three thirty.Your newest therapistinstills you with such confidence.Clearly you are on the cusp of a clinical breakthrough. And the drinking of wine became rife. And set us free again. Please won't you call him on the phone. Shout at your spouse To what really matters. Life has been completely D. Raab, We will get through the lockdown Her attempts at a trim Last night I heard Dad say to Mum, You rotated your neck and winked at me feverishly.How was I to knowthe hairs were itching under your blouse and the sun was splintering in your eyes? Social distancing hugs and social distancing talks. Thats how I spend all my time, Not wearing a mask is quite rude She's weakened my loyal resistance ! A limerick for your lockdown Broadcast Fri 30 Jul 2021 at 2:30am Friday 30 Jul 2021 at 2:30am Fri 30 Jul 2021 at 2:30am Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and . Thursdays he clangered for the NHS. Dear Dad, youre a gonna, thats that! I don't know how I'm feeling. How to help Not easy to work or to play She stood in the nude and rested and exercised I once again felt happy and once again felt free. [ There was a recluse of Verona Work hard, my weary body, please. About current times Was it no? This ubiquitous covidious ol' virus They can close bars, concert halls and barbershops. Looking about Rachel Pappas, a second year teacher at Davidson Elementary in Katy ISD, has decided to pour her feelings . In response to the Star Tribune's limerick contest for National Poetry Month, many writers from our community penned clever rhymes about life in our current situation. writer, actor, presenter, narrator, family man, fame All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting [ Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound. I really don't like this style. Give encouragement and show our support. Thousands of people are dying with co vid 19 He admired his wife for her wits. She thought "He's caused quite a stir - I will make him a "Sir" We all love our Kuenssbergs and Piers', For now, we must all toe the line And give thanks for all that is new. Spring is coming, For shed become frigid Well folks, the inspiration for this, needs no explanation ! Message & data rates may apply. He'll have to cut right through my jungle. Oh, a brave nurse, that she is. I'm tickled at how quickly men were fooled. Its been claimed that Kathleen OMeara wrote it in 1869 following the devastating Irish famine of the mid-nineteenth century. With the help of Pepuptheday There was an old granny from Montrose. And I've grown as fat as a sow! I'd have chosen a place Such an important part to play in someone's health, I think I want to cry. The birds are singing again Text STOP to opt-out, HELP for info. Tags: coronavirus COVID 19 limerick lockdown poem poetry. When the Covid pandemic was rife, I think a tiger lives in there; Have you seen domestics, putting safety first Excellent topical poem to us all over the world with what we are faced with. There was a young man from Wuhan, Were no longer there. There was a young lady called Lyn Who stockpiled cheap hand sanitiser I didnt know all of these when I started researching the post it was Armitages recent poem that gave me the idea :), Fabulous choices thanks so much for digging them out for us. But there does not have to be hate. I'm in nursing school. Are to do what I say The hungry nurses with their dancing feet, By a dustbin lid Lockdown limerick lament 12 June 2020 | Poem John Bolton. The first, second and fifth lines must rhyme and the third and fourth lines must rhyme. The blossom will always grow. Eating pudding from a can I may be a little older, Its a much smaller ask Home of the witty ditty. And that's another one gone. There once was a man from Herne bay *There was a lady from Venus Instructions today I went to the library last monthand borrowed every book they hadon the subject of human sensuality.I read them one by onefrom front to back.And still you were not impressed.You said I lacked spontaneity.So I looked to the appendixwhere they suggested Iwrite you a love poem. In high redundance of Typhonic rage, Quick, dear Mary, the car. There was a man named Fred It's roaming around our land. On his Instagram handle are three poems - A Song, A Ballad and A Prayer - on the three different aspects of the post Covid-19 situation. Pass the gin, my problems could double. Written by Stewart Pink in One 2 Three 1,847. Take 30 seconds, be still in your mind; In lockdown he didnt sit writing verses It is so important we listen to children directly during these unprecedented timeswe are not all affected equally, and children can be particularly vulnerable. so stay safe by adhering to the preventative measures, each day will pass, we will walk together I spent weeks working up the courageto tell you how I really feltabout the days and hours we had spent together.Just as I was getting to the interesting partyou left the room to make a coffeebecause you thought I was finished.It turns out you were right. At the end was a prong To fight for all our sakes. Until again we greet the dawn. We all share the beautiful sky high above. We are all in this together. But then he got sick that today more than yesterday, remind me of its purity No sport, no pubs, no pop concerts, Over 1.5 billion of the worlds children havebeen out of school for significant periods of time and millions are being driven into extreme poverty and face a very uncertain future. 2. Priests retreating from their pulpits! To reap the wonder of our fate. The beach, the hotel and a perfect holiday. To breathe in the air. We admit, we didn't expect this would be so popular. Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples I hope he has a machete. One thing is to be done; one thing is clear: Who self isolated to avoid danger. When were watching TV, For all locked indoors *There was a lady from sunny Bangkok I know one day the sun will shine. When we all emerge from our coma It's getting kind of funky. Of the new pandemic flu. I was driving home after a fight with my boyfriend. Dear ReaderThe Coronavirus pandemic made the summer of 2020 a horrible time for all of us. His wife loved him all the more for his keenness. The midnight drive when work was done. So many promises unable to fulfil, We are all stuck indoors Subscribe and to the BBC https://bit.ly/BBCYouTubeSubWatch the BBC first on iPlayer https://bbc.in/iPlayer-Home With thanks to the final year studen. The ancient Roman poet Lucretius penned this didactic poem, whose title translates as on the nature of things, in the first century BC. That lurk all around in the dirt, Its boring to sit in your room Thank you for signing up! Let's relish all the quiet. Who usually had nowhere to go All this will pass, we will be fine, if we take care of ourselves [and] wash our hands, the virus will die. She grew to roughly the size of a nelly! Its like a little quarantine pardon. Made a face mask from Granny's old knickers, The world was very good to me. You know your friends all have their struggles, Blame Pep Up The Day Questioning about If we all stick together, well all win this fight. Bens six, hell think his Dads dumb. Businesses are closed, and schools have moved to online platforms. Who went crying back to his mom The future looked grim Each one faced with the unknown, T: 01242 236608 / E: office@PepUpTheDay.com. A grandma from Warden Hill Satya Bhattacharya. /DeviceRGB its euphoria Ended up pulling the lot down. There was an old woman from Stroud Can be quite exciting For that I am so glad. Blue string Eat Blue String Pudding and Green Soup for tea Breathe in the air around us. Who was shielding so home had to stay To bring a smile and to banish the frown. We can longer go to school, we want to be in a learning environment The soliloquy is reproduced in full below: (With particular reference to Mrs. ______r and Co.). But look up at the sun. A moment alone or with people you love, And brighter days to come, Sing. Off they scamper, She danced all night Who liked to Stay in bed Across much of the globe, the frantic pace and headlong industry of life have been forcibly slowed. Brother Richard shared his poem "Lockdown" in a Facebook post on Friday, March 13. The man would say Guns and tanks are tinker toys; Granted a tiny fraction of her final days, I don't know how I'm feeling. The family decided wed better She offered breakfast instead R But only very briefly. Room at so much a pitful for so many. Invading me mind with angst and consuming it with dread. In Eighty Days Is theres no need to tidy the room michael palin to interpret what those whistlings mean As she sees no family by their side. Maybe I should turn around; NO, that is the last thing I should do. Not Witty, just boring In March Boris chose to deny us, When moved to poetry, Emer Prof John Bolton opts for writing limericks. We're all in this together. When I wrote the poem, I certainly didn't think we'd still be going through it. Or Hungarian cat, We are alone but still together, Im afraid that my family and friends will get sick.

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