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From the moment I met him, he was like, 'Oh yeah, you were it. Image Simon Leonard, Bassett was in such turmoil that she considered giving the game away for good. Go behind-the-scenes, stay on top of breaking news, hang with the stars, and much more. I think the Ben and Addison relationship is based as much on friendship as it is on romance. There are some young guns coming up the ranks that play that role, like Cara Koenen from the Sunshine Coast Lightning and Sophie Garbin from the NSW Swifts, but they're still finding their feet. Having everyone in here, touching all our stuff. Like much of the cast, it predates Bassett's era of television watching. ActressCaitlin Bassett playsAddison Augustineon the new Quantum Leap, and both diehard fans of the original series and newbies to the time-travel canon are eager to know more about the up-and-coming actress. Yep, this is another column about the super shot. Theyve waited through my talks with Netball Australia, and for our season to end which went against Netball New Zealands regulations around their signing period, theyve helped with visa issues, how to get Chino over there, and many of the details that come with a move overseas. The GIANTS will now be waiting on the result of tomorrows Magpies vs Melbourne Vixens game to see whether they have done enough to secure a place in the finals for a third consecutive year. There were in the original series. Shes very smart, a great defender as well as attacker, a very level headed person and a great teammate. The truth is, there is a connection between untreated, serious mental illness (as distinguished from mental illness) and mass public violence. Caitlin Bassett is tall in appearance. In round one, the Giants take on fierce rivals the NSW Swifts in Sydney on 28 April. Bassett is making the move to get more court time after spending much of this year's Australian domestic season on the bench for her Giants club. She is Ben Song's guide in the past and, during his leaps, appears in a hologram that only he can see and hear. It's been 30 years since Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. Born Name. Her age is 32 years as of 2022. Constellation Cup 2018. "I didn't know what I was walking into, but then I met everybody, and, from the top down, everybody was kind and welcoming. Shes also been super-impressive off the court. The 34-year-old netball player was born in Australia. "All I knew was that everybody was so nice, and luckily, I have mentors and friends to talk me through like, 'Okay, if actors are like this, that's okay.'. That's right.' She made two out of three two-pointers in the first game and four out of seven in the second, and remained on court for the entirety of both games. Ive always loved playing netball in New Zealand, and their fans are so passionate. 5:04. Former Australian netball captains Caitlin Bassett and Liz Ellis have engaged in a spicy off-court stoush after Bassett was snubbed by Super Netball teams despite being part of the Diamonds. In a recent interview with NBC, Bassett revealed some of her favorite characters and TV shows, and we couldn't appreciate herauthenticity any more. Caitlin Bassett of the Lightning in action during the round 11 Super Netball match between the Lightning and the Magpies at University of the. The series will officially premiere Monday, September 19 at 10 PM ET on NBC. Here's how Bassett found her way on one of the most highly-anticipated series, airing on NBC. I wouldve proposed way sooner if I knew we got to do this. She was born on 16 March 1990 in Baltimore, Maryland. Caitlin Bassett Sort by: Recent - Votes - Views. Caitlin Bassett is not only an ex-Army intelligence officer, but plays one on TV, too. At 18 she enlisted in the United States Army and spent 7 years as an intelligence analyst, attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant and completing three combat deployments - two of which were to Afghanistan. She agreed the game probably shouldn't be scored with two-point goals, but said it was the price we had to pay in order to get Australian netball back to using a moving goal circle. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . She joined the army soon after graduating high school, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. Grace Kara at wing attack adds to the experience in the attacking end, while Ive had some great battles with Temalisi Fakahokotau when playing for Australia, so Im looking forwards to training with her. She is Ben Song's. "We just let it live yeah, in the relationship, but in the genuine friendship. I think she was a bit disappointed that she had to sit out and our (pre-season) process has been disjointed, for sure, but I think other teams have been dealing with niggles as well. Bassett, 33, appeared. Picture: AAP It was goal-for-goal for much of the opening quarter, with both teams shooting at 100% and moving the ball around the court crisply early on. Caitlin Thwaites has been a world-class shooter for a number of years and so has Steph Wood and so has Gretel Tippett." Goal attack Tippett was the game's outstanding figure against the Proteas . "I missed it live. Whilst the Netball Scoop brand came into existence in 2011, its origins began a decade earlier. Copyright 2023 Let's check it out! Currently, she lives in NYC, New York. "The first one was that I could. Since I first started playing elite netball, wearing the green and gold, and doing everything possible to represent my country, has always been my goal.. And if Lisa Alexander's departure as Diamonds head coach after the team were runners up in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2019 World Cup by a single goal is anything to go by, it is clear Netball Australia expects success measured purely in the form of gold medals. "My dad was an infantryman in Vietnam," she said. There were even some international messages from players like South Africas Bongiwe Msomi, who sent the most beautiful message saying that she was proud of me. Caitlin Bassett has siblings but their names are unavailable. In 2011 Bassett was part of the 2011 World Championship winning Australian Diamonds Team, featuring in the final against New Zealand. Caitlin is very active on her Instagram account. Caitlin Bassetts parents have always supported her. So might as well try.". Phoebe Doyle. Raymond Lee (Lt. Logan "Yale" Lee in "Top Gun: Maverick") plays Dr. Ben Song, the mysterious time-jumping scientist, while Bassett is Addison Augustine, his fiance and the person who guides him through each week's adventure via hologram. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Bassett made her international debut in 2008. Aiken, like Bassett, hasn't sunk a super shot yet and has been substituted on and off in similar fashion. She earns her income from acting and modeling. The Giants took their first win in round 3, a game where Bassett played a full sixty minutes, shooting 47 goals at 89%. ", "That's our high-performance system working for another country.". Roughly 40,000 to 45,000 actors applied in 2020, and 14 were selected on each coast. Her rehabilitation was completed during Covid lockdown, with Bassett then joining the team for an eight week training block prior to the seasons start. Shes tried to keep a smile on her face through a difficult 2020 season, but her body and soul are far from happy. | Embed from Getty Images. And there are plenty of goal attacks that can shift into that role but are not quite GS specialists, with far less height. They guessed that I was finding it difficult, and my lack of court time was so very public. After that, she enrolled at the University of Maryland and Brooklyn Law School. Following the finish of the 2014 ANZ Championship Basset was named in the Australian Netball Diamonds to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Games who went on to claim gold medal. I remember in the final round I was injured and had to sit on the secondary bench. I really loved that we were able to get the best out of each other, and thats been massive for Australia. Because every person who's ever served, that's obviously a huge part of who they are. The last-placed Magpies pushed the Sydneysiders all the way but with Caitlin Bassett coming off the interchange bench to shoot 19-of-20 in the second half, the GIANTS held their nerve in a tense final quarter to stay in the finals race. Image Simon Leonard. The University of Maryland and Brooklyn Law School. Bassett finishes her Australian career with 102 Test caps and 2863 goals at a remarkable 90 per cent accuracy. Memorandum to Super Netball defenders; Its time to get nervous, real nervous. Following in their footsteps, Caitlin joinedthe military shortly after graduating high school at 18. Caitlin Bassett 38/42 (90%) Natalie Medhurst 14/17 (82%) MVP: Caitlin Thwaites (Swifts) QUEENSLAND FIREBIRDS v ADELAIDE THUNDERBIRDS. Keeping the ball in play while falling out of court is one of the tools Bassett has added to her game. Player in focus - Caitlin Bassett. Netballer Watson wins second Diamond prize. While recent rain has been good for Southern California, the Colorado river is still reeling from the effects of a 23-year mega drought, and climate scientists . But now the Diamonds captain is spending plenty of time on the bench because of Super Netball's new two-point shot. After the Commonwealth Games loss to England, Alexander made this fair assessment: "I can't say it any other way. Bassett posed. Caitlins parents names and professions are unavailable. [7], After two seasons at the Giants, Bassett and the club went into negotiations to release her from the final year of her deal so she could pursue playing time at Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic. Brigid Walsh, the National Wellbeing Manager was regularly in contact, as was Stacey West, the Executive General Manager of Performance. She got her start playing for Perth in the Southern Districts Netball . To accommodate the World Cup in Liverpool in July, the third installment of Super Netball will be split in two, taking a break after nine rounds, between 23 June and 27 July. [2] In 2011, she was selected for the Diamonds squad heading for World Netball Championships and the 2011 Holden Netball Test Series. In 2022, she got her chance to make her television debut with the television series Quantum Leap, which aired on the NBC channel. As the season progressed, and the Giants were finding wins hard to come by, their game plan became increasingly based around two moving shooters Jo Harten and Kiera Austin, both well-known exponents of the two point shot. But there's always a bunch of little ones in between," she said. A " shot " is a shot that directs the puck or ball towards the net. I was 21 years old and I got promoted to sergeant right out there. She said, Teammates, ex teammates, friends and family have really supported me. 2. Q2: GIANTS21v Fever11 Australia's two strongest players that specialise in that GS bib are currently Bassett and Caitlin Thwaites. They are not only both great coaches, but great people managers as well. Kaylia Stanton - 5/7(71.5%)GIANTS starting seven:GS - Caitlin Bassett, GA - Jo Harten, WA - Kim Green, C - Jamie-Lee Price, WD - Amy Parmenter, GD - Kristiana Manu'a, GK - Sam PoolmanFever starting seven:GS - Jhaniele Fowler, GA - Alice Teague-Neeld, WA - Ingrid Colyer, C - Verity Charles, WD - Jessica Anstiss, GD - Stacey Francis, GK - Olivia Lewis. Shes watched largely from the bench as her 16 year elite career has unravelled over just a few months. "It was such a release. [12], Last edited on 20 February 2023, at 01:34, "Super Netball Grand Final hero Caitlin Bassett laughs off self-imposed media ban", "GWS Giants sign Sunshine Coast Lightning's Caitlin Bassett in major Super Netball coup", "Australian Diamonds' Caitlin Bassett signs with Splice Construction Magic / News ANZ Premiership Netball", "Caitlin Bassett's less than glorious ending raises questions over athlete transition This article is more than 9 months old Megan Maurice", "Catilin Bassett's less than glorious ending raises questions over athlete transition | Megan Maurice", Caitlin Bassett steps into new role as Fox Sports commentator, "17-strong Diamonds squad named for International Test Series",, This page was last edited on 20 February 2023, at 01:34. I was also working on a journalism degree so wanted some more opportunities off the court than Id previously had. Right now, it seems the super shot brings with it a lot more questions than answers, casting an uncertain future over the tall holding shooters in the game. "Not because I thought somebody was going to mean to me but just because I didn't want to let the show down, and I didn't want to let this fanbase down. It was a big sign that I was no longer wanted by the club. Shes really, really fit and moving well out there, now shes back on-court. Her decision to join the Army was influenced by her family history. They made it clear that their game plan didnt really include me and that I wouldnt be part of the starting seven moving forwards. "So, of course, I draw from my military background. "I'm really glad that my first job wasn't an active-duty soldier or just a soldier, because I think Hollywood can sometimes reduce soldiers to being one thing," said Bassett. He was Oscar-nominated before he got the job. Image Simon Leonard. Watch Quantum Leap Mondays at 10/9c on NBC and next day on Peacock. Photo by Ron Batzdorff/NBC. With 102 test caps, two netball World Cup championships, a gold medal and 13 years experience under her belt, Bassett is famous for her strong hold style and accuracy in the ring. How much is Angela Aguilars salary? I was heading to the Magic.. They have families and complications and their own set of baggage and their own things that they like, and so does Addison. In all three test series against New Zealand, Bassett started off on the bench and was brought on at half time for the first and third Tests. The GIANTS were desperate to secure one more bonus point to extend their lead over the Magpies on the ladder to an almost insurmountable eight-points. She is well recognized for playing Addison Augustine on NBCs television series. So now that the Australian style of play is being forced to change, adopting a moving circle with long-bomb, turn and shoot tactics, will the international game follow suit? Where does Caitlin Bassett currently live? The Caitlin Bassetts of the netball world? So Im looking forward to this opportunity, to life in New Zealand, and to trying something new while still playing elite netball. In the first three episodes of the new Quantum Leap, Addison saw Ben leap into a family man and a boxer who was sleeping with the opponent's girlfriend. I honestly believe shes one of the most valuable players in the world; she wins games. With a commanding ten-goal lead in-hand going into the third quarter and the need to secure as many bonus points as possible, the GIANTS needed to continue pushing the Fever and keep the scoreboard ticking over. So if the Diamonds want me training here over the Christmas/New Year break, I will do that.. She helped me get my manager, the same managers that got me into the room for this job on 'Quantum Leap.'". I got on the bike so that I was warm and ready to go if I was needed to jump on court, and also partly because I chew my nails like crazy if Im just sitting there, so it was a great tool for distraction. While she missed four weeks longer than first anticipated after requiring surgery, Bassett got back into full on-court training two weeks ago, wearing a foam guard on the arm, and has impressed her new captain, former Australian Diamonds teammate Kim Green. Its [the arm] completely fine, Green said at the launch of the 2019 season in Melbourne on Tuesday. Its a one-two punch combo to strike fear into the hearts of the leagues defenders ahead of round one of the third Super Netball season, which begins on 27 April. During that time, she served two combat tours in Afghanistan and third tour abroad. Caitlin Bassett pulls in a high ball against Silver Ferns opponent, Katrina Rore. "Of course! Do not include goals from a shootout. An alumna of the 2020 ABC Discovers Talent Showcase, Bassett is a military veteran who spent seven years in the U.S. Army Intelligence and the National Security Agency with three tours abroad. She again represented the Diamonds at the 2015 Netball World Cup and at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Honestly, the fact that I knew my background matched hers and that they were hiring me because of an authenticity that I brought to her -- they've been so kind and supportive that when they saw my tape, they were like, 'Oh, that's Addison. It's for him.". Our national side ranked number one in the world actually has a shortage of goal shooters to pick from right now. Twenty-one year-old Austin, a member of the Diamonds squad, was a training partner in 2017 before being elevated last year, and impressed every time she got on court. Published Sep 19, 2022 Caitlin Bassett dives into the audition process for the Quantum Leap reboot and teases the future of Addison and Ben's relationship. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is 65 kg. Bassett started to realise that she wasnt going to be part of the Giants preferred shooting partnership. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is 65 kg. Actress Caitlin Bassett plays Addison Augustine on the new Quantum Leap, and both diehard fans of the original series and newbies to the time-travel canon are eager to know more about the. The round also features a double-header in Melbourne on 27 April, when the Vixens take on the Firebirds and the Magpies play Lightning, who welcome back a supremely fit Laura Langman. But the Fever were out for pride and made it difficult for the home team all the way, outscoring the GIANTS 18-goals to 16 in the final quarter. william crafts santa margarita catholic high school,

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